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OSHSA's advocacy efforts are focused on supporting laws, rules and statutes that enhance, expand and assure practices that benefit the Medicaid Schools Program and the School-Based Health Center models and programs that compliantly and positively impact the select student populations they are designed to serve. Furthermore, OSHSA's positioning as the common voice, information center and chief advocate for the non-profit organizations, schools and school districts, health services providers and private companies attached to these efforts is completed by the advocacy work of the Association.

OSHSA's advocacy work includes Government Agency/Department communications, legislative communications, review, and initiation of legislation via our Government Relations section, lead by Bryan Williams and the Byers-Mitten Group. Some of the initial successes include: the rewrite and passage of HB 89; review and influence on the related rules attached to HB 89; direct liaison work with the Ohio Department of Medicaid, Ohio Department of Education and the education and health-related leadership of the appropriate legislative committees in both branches of the legislature.

Additionally, this advocacy work includes regularly updating the field on governmental agency and legislative actions, orders and communications from both the federal and state governments. Please share w/ the Association's Office any questions/suggestions that you believe to be worthy of attention, exploration, and action related to the delivery of related services to Ohio's MSP and School-Based Health Centers efforts for the ultimate benefit of our 1.7 million school children.




OSHSA Response-MSP

OSHSA response/questions to potential changes in Ohio's MSP rules

ODM Response to OSHSA

ODM's response to questions raised by OSHSA email

Important Legislation

Ohio HB 89

Ohio House Bill 89.​

Fiscal Impacts HB 89

Fiscal Note & Local Impact Statement of HB89

Government Committee Links

Ohio House Health Committee

House of Representatives Committee for Health


Ohio Senate Committee for Health, Human Services, and Medicaid

Senate Committee for Medicaid


Ohio House Education Committee

House of Representatives Education Committee Members Listing


Ohio Senate Education Committee

Senate Committee for Education

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